Digital Shadow

Watch Dogs is a game that takes place in the future in Chicago. The character has the power to hack into computers and basically control everything from traffic lights to other city infrastructure. The character has the ability to gain information about anyone. He has the ability to find anyone he wants through his hacking ability. His power is kind of similar to the NSA cause they are able to hack into our computers and listen to our phone conversations without us knowing and by using that information can virtually know anything they want about us.

            If a game company can create a basic algorithm and use our Facebook to get information about us then I believe there are definitely more powerful functioning ones that are more detailed and better. It just goes to show that these things can easily be created if a game company can create a basic one to help promote their game. If a game company is doing it for fun then people who actually do this type of thing for a living can definitely create a more sophisticated and powerful version than the one the game company created.

            It goes to show that there is no longer such thing as online privacy. Once you post something online you can never take it back even if you delete it or try to hide it because there is no such thing as privacy online. Anyone can look at your Facebook or twitter profile and get a lot of information about you from your social media account. Digital shadow was able to take my Facebook and find out the people I interact with the most and what time of day I most likely use Facebook. The scariest part about this site is that it even has the ability to predict where you are most likely located with a certain amount of percentage. This is very scary to know. It just shows that once you are online you lose all privacy.


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