When you post pictures online you definitely make it easier for someone to research and potentially stalk you. The more pictures you post the easier it is for people to recognize you and use that information against you. An example of this problem is that there are sites that can use your photos and information on Facebook to research you. The site,, professor Sprissler showed us was able to use our Facebook photos to identify us with a certain amount of percentage, which is very scary.

            The Google glass will definitely increase the amount of surveillance. This could be useful for society in many ways. The Google glass will be able to constantly record things and you never know what you might run into. Crimes now a days relay heavily on surveillance cameras and other technology like that. With constant surveillance from the Google glass it can possible cut down crime. Instead of getting eye witnesses the authorities can use the Google glass recordings and verify the eyewitnesses and use the recording as evidence to put criminals in jail. This can also create privacy issues for people. Not everyone is willing to let others record their actions without their consent. So that’s how it could create privacy issues for people. So there are pros and cons of the Google glass.


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