The World is Flat

            There are many benefits of globalization described by Thomas Friedman. One benefit is something called uploading. Companies and businesses can upload and work on a project together even if they are at different part of the world. This allows great flexibility to work on a project and doesn’t restrict people from working at different places. This allows freedom for the people to work in whatever location they desire. They do not have to go into the office to work with their colleagues. With uploading they can work on projects online. Some examples are Wikipedia and blogs. Also outsourcing allows companies to be the most efficient and productive a company can be. It is cost-effective and produces products more efficient.

            Some problems of globalization is that technology is constantly improving and become foreign to people who aren’t up to date with technology. A solution to this problem is to constantly update your work skills. Globalization has also led to a decrease in job fields like scientists, engineers, and mathematicians. Thomas Friedman thinks that children should be inspired to become scientists and engineers because of the decrease in these jobs in America.


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