Online Security Breaches

Companies and organizations have an obligation to report security breaches and failures to the public and especially their consumers. These hackers could be potentially stealing thousands and thousands of credit card information and other vital information that could destroy a person’s life. If consumers and the public aren’t made aware of security failures it puts everyone in danger. If the public at least has the knowledge about what happened then the consumers can take actions to prevent them from be targeted by these hackers or take precautionary measures to keep their information safe. For example the whole Target security breach was a fiasco but at least they let the public know so the consumers can take precautionary measures such as maybe destroying and getting a new credit card if they used it at Target recently. If they are made aware of the situation they can maybe shop at a different store or at least know maybe to not use credit cards at Target and only use cash. Consumers have the full right to know if their information has been comprised and the company should take full responsibility by informing their customers what had happened.

            After reading this article and being made informed about how vulnerable our information is online have gave me doubts about shopping online. From now on I might start changing my online shopping habits. If the item can be purchased in a store I might rather go to the store and pick it up for a couple of dollars more than buying it online and saving a few dollars. Yes I would save a few dollars by buying the item online but I’m risking my vital information to save a few dollars, which would be stupid. If companies are trying to hide security breaches that could potentially endanger my livelihood than it gives me more of a reason to shop in person than it is to shop online and risking my information to be stolen and potentially used.

            The only way I would change my opinion about shopping online if companies become open and honest about security breaches. If they at least inform consumers about the situation it allows me to take some precautionary measures to prevent my information from being stolen such as getting rid of my old credit card and getting a new one. If companies begin to invest their money on cyber security for their online websites to make their consumers feel safer to buy products off their website would change my mind about buying products online instead of in the store.

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