Illegal Downloading

            I believe it is a victim less crime because you really aren’t hurting anyone besides maybe music artists and other big companies. They are making millions as it is from their cd, touring the world, and doing concerts. Losing a couple of thousand here and there from people not buying their songs will not significantly impact their profit. Yes they will be losing out on some money but they are better off and significantly wealthier than the people listening to their music. So I believe that illegal downloading is a victimless crime and that one should not be punished for it. For example Microsoft sells their Microsoft office products for close to almost 200 dollars and us college students are poor as it is and it’s hard to be successful in college without the Microsoft office software. So many students illegally download Microsoft office instead of buying it because many students are on a tight budget and Microsoft is a billion dollar company should they won’t be affected that much if they lose a couple of thousand dollars.

            I believe that download is different from stealing. Now a days I believe that society deems digital stealing is not as bad stealing something tangible and something you can touch. It’s more socially acceptable to illegally download than steal a tangible thing. Many people don’t look at illegal downloading as stealing and that it does not harm to any one. When people think of the word stealing they think of someone taking a tangible item or something you can touch. No one thinks of illegal downloading as stealing because things you download are digital and you can’t necessarily touch what you are downloading. So I believe that stealing is different from illegal downloading.


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