Sebastian Thrun

I believe that MOOC can for students who are motivated and willing to put in the effort. A lot of people now a day have a full time job and still try to manage to go to college. I believe that MOOC will really benefit those who truly want an education but have a full time job. MOOC gives them a flexible schedule to work with and allow them to get an education at the same time. I believe that MOOC will not work for students who are lazy and have no motivation to receive a quality education. They will end up slacking off and not pay attention to their online assignments and work.

When Thrun first started Udacity his main objective was to bring college courses to students in developing countries, or low performing students and aim towards a vocational education. He then changed his goals after seeing the poor results of San Jose State University students who used Udacity. A couple of months later he came to the conclusion that MOOC is not effective for undergraduate education. I agree with him because a lot undergraduate students don’t take their education seriously even when they are in the classroom forced to do work. If they are subjected to online classes those students are going to do even worse because no one will be in their face to force them to do work unlike going to class in person and having the professor tell you what to do. That’s why I believe that Thrun is right that MOOC won’t work for undergrad students who don’t take their education seriously.


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