I believe my birthday, age, where I live and my life should all be considered private information when it comes to strangers or people I don’t know. I believe that if I don’t know these people then I do not want to disclose any of that information. If I knew you or were friends with you then I wouldn’t mind letting you see my birthday or age or stuff about my private life. Yes a lot of this information is open for anyone to see on social media websites like Facebook but I believe that it should kept hidden if strangers are looking at your profile and should only reveal this information if they are friends on Facebook.

            I believe there is a problem with corporations and governments spying on you. I understand a lot of information is disclosed on social media websites but I believe that your private life should stay private and that companies should not spy on you through social media websites. They should not try to use Facebook or Twitter to spy on you that’s not right or ethical. Social media websites are used to express yourself, emotions and thoughts. I wouldn’t want my company looking at my emotions, thoughts, and private life. A lot of people use twitter now a day like a diary in a sense and I wouldn’t want my company to read my diary. People only want to express their thoughts and feelings to their friends and followers. I believe that companies should not invade your privacy by spying on your social media website because its unethical and wrong. 


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