Twitter vs Instagram

There are pros and cons to both twitter and instagram when it comes to world news but I believe that twitter is the better social media site when it comes to world news. The pros of twitter are it allows news to spread very rapidly. I find out a lot of things from twitter not just what my friends are doing but also significant events going around the world. When a significant event happens in the world everyone on twitter begins to talk about it and news spreads rapidly because you are able to retweet other people’s tweets. Retweeting allows you to share other people’s information and thoughts that they write on twitter. Instead of rewording their tweet you can retweet it and it allows you to share their tweet to all your followers. Also twitter allows to you see what is trending on twitter. What’s trending is usually what’s the most talked about on twitter or important events happening. That’s another way you can get world news on twitter. The cons of twitter are that you can only have 140 characters in each tweet so it’s difficult to write out everything you want in a tweet. So sometimes if you try to spread news through twitter one must condense a lot of the information to fit in the tweet.

            The pros of instagram are that when you post pictures it allows you to write as much as you want underneath the picture. There are no character limits like twitter has. So essentially if you want to post a powerful picture such as the kid throwing the Molotov cocktail you can write a description underneath the picture and write as much as you want unlike twitter. Another pro of instagram is that it is a picture based social media website and a picture is worth a thousand words. So a powerful picture can create a huge impact on people. The downfall of instagram is that rarely are there ever pictures concerning world news or any news in general. Not many people use instagram for world news its more a social media website for people sharing pictures among friends. Also even though you can write as much as you want underneath a picture in instagram not many people read the words underneath the pictures. A lot of people just look at the pictures and disregard the words. So even if you had a powerful message about the kid with the Molotov cocktail it would be ignored because many people don’t read what is under the pictures in instagram.

            Overall I believe twitter is more efficient in spreading and learning about world news than instagram. News on twitter spreads very quickly like wild fire. On twitter people not only learn about updates about their friends you can find out about sporting events, politics, local and world news. Twitter is a diverse social media website in which it allows people to learn all different types of news. It really promotes important things happening around the world with the what’s trending portion of twitter. The what’s trending allows people to see what other people think about a certain topic and it allows people to learn more about a certain event or news around the world. That’s why I believe twitter is the website for world news. 


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