Major Uprisings

            There are currently protests in Ukraine over President Yanukovych’s government rejected the agreement that they were offered by the European Union. Ukrainian citizens are outraged because the president only did this so they could remain close partners with Russia and to keep Russia happy. A significant number of people in Ukraine don’t care about keeping Russia happy they were hoping for higher standards of living and better trades with the western world. This could only happen if the Ukrainian government agreed to deal put out by the European Union. The government completely ignored public opinion, which is the major reason why there is an uprising going on in Ukraine.

            The Arab Spring in 2011 inspired and gave Syrian protesters hope so they began to take the streets and protested against Assad’s regime. Syrians were unhappy with the political representation and were hoping for a democratic reform. The government was not happy with the protests so they responded with extreme measures such as torturing, kidnapping, and killing protestors. Government soldiers began to shoot at innocent civilians.

            Media coverage and social media have played huge roles in the Syrian and Ukrainian revolutions. In Ukraine there are hundreds of people standing by with their smartphones streaming the live events taking place in Ukraine. They are capturing videos of Ukraine protesters smashing windows and throwing Molotov cocktails. Social media have helped spread the protest in Ukraine. It allowed news, pictures, and videos of the protest to spread from Kiev to other parts of the country where copycat protests have broken out. In Syria an inspiring video of armed rebel citizens that stormed and conquered a government checkpoint went viral on the web. Like in Ukraine this video helped spread the cause and gave many people hope in the rebellion. It caused more people to join the protest and fight for their freedom. Media coverage and social media have played significant roles in both the uprisings because in both cases it has given the protestors hope and allowed news to spread around the country to let other citizens know what is happening and to give them a reason to join the fight.

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