Stem Subjects

          STEM is stands for fields that study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The word STEM is used for dealing with the education system and curriculum options in schools from kindergarten through college to help create competition in technology development. STEM programs allow students to take courses to prepare for the real world. STEM improves the student’s chance in succeeding in post-secondary education, employment, and jobs that require skills in mathematics and science.

           STEM jobs normally are better off financially than non-STEM jobs. Some examples of stem careers are veterinarian, civil engineer, or a mathematics teacher. Examples of non-stem careers are animal control worker, grounds maintenance, and chef. In the chart there are examples of the salary discrepancies between STEM careers and non-stem careers. As you can tell from the chart that STEM careers have a higher average starting salary than the non-stem careers.  So yes STEM jobs do get paid better than other jobs.




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