My Major

           I’ve always dreamt of becoming an accountant because the job primarily consists of dealing with an immense amount of numbers on a daily basis. Since kindergarten I have had numerous success with math and numbers in general. From freshman to senior year of high school my love for math and numbers gradually increased as I took more and more math courses. I excelled in all my math classes from geometry during freshman year and continued on to calculus in my senior year. Majoring in accounting is a perfect fit for me because math and accounting go hand in hand. In order to succeed in accounting one must excel in problem solving, thinking logically, and organize information; all characteristics I mastered in high school from my math classes.

            I believe that in majoring in accounting technology will play a big role in my career. There are a lot of programs now a days to help accountants in organizing their accounts such as quick book and excel. In order to become an accountant in the 21st century one must be proficient in using computers and programs such as excel. Some family members of mine who are accountants tell me that they rely on excel heavily to help them calculate numbers and organize all of their information. I believe that it is difficult to become an accountant in this time period without being proficient at using technology. Technology has made accountants jobs a lot easier. There are programs out there that help accountants organize journal entries and many different accounts for a company. Computers will play a significant role in the accounting industry.


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