Civic Duties and Citizenship

As Americans citizens we tend to take granted our rights and forgot how hard we fought for them throughout American History. There are countries around the world who are fighting and even risking their lives in order to gain some type of freedom and civil rights. There should be more to a citizen than just inheriting rights. As citizens of this country I believe that we have responsibilities to uphold in order to better ourselves and most importantly to better our country. I believe that every American has a civic duty to uphold. Everyone should be required to do a certain job or task in his or her community in order to keep their citizenship in America. An example of a job or task one may do for their community to keep their citizenship is volunteering for their town or city by help keeping the park clean, helping out community charities and so on. Volunteering for ones community should be added to the civic duties we already have such as voting, jury duty, and taxes. I believe in order to create a brighter future for our country it starts with the citizens. I believe we should have more responsibilities other than the three we are required to do. 


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