Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is the person behind the NSA leaks. He was formerly a defense contractor for the NSA and was a former employee of the CIA. Edward Snowden released top-secret NSA information and documents to the public and media. The documents contained information about the NSA and other countries spying and invading peoples privacy. He exposed information regarding top-secret government surveillance programs.  The government was able to trace and listen to phone calls, retrieve people’s private information on Facebook and Twitter without a court order. I think he did the right thing. He exposed the government of spying on civilians and the government has no right to do so without our consent. What’s the point of having search warrants and civil rights if the governments are going to violate them and intrude in our privacy?  If he never released this information no one in this world would have known our governments are listening to our private conversations and watching our every move. The motives behind his actions are to let the public know what the government is secretly doing to us without our consent. I believe Edward Snowden is a hero not a traitor and should not be penalized for his actions. He should be praised for being brave enough to share this sensitive information with the public. 




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