Digital Shadow

Watch Dogs is a game that takes place in the future in Chicago. The character has the power to hack into computers and basically control everything from traffic lights to other city infrastructure. The character has the ability to gain information about anyone. He has the ability to find anyone he wants through his hacking ability. His power is kind of similar to the NSA cause they are able to hack into our computers and listen to our phone conversations without us knowing and by using that information can virtually know anything they want about us.

            If a game company can create a basic algorithm and use our Facebook to get information about us then I believe there are definitely more powerful functioning ones that are more detailed and better. It just goes to show that these things can easily be created if a game company can create a basic one to help promote their game. If a game company is doing it for fun then people who actually do this type of thing for a living can definitely create a more sophisticated and powerful version than the one the game company created.

            It goes to show that there is no longer such thing as online privacy. Once you post something online you can never take it back even if you delete it or try to hide it because there is no such thing as privacy online. Anyone can look at your Facebook or twitter profile and get a lot of information about you from your social media account. Digital shadow was able to take my Facebook and find out the people I interact with the most and what time of day I most likely use Facebook. The scariest part about this site is that it even has the ability to predict where you are most likely located with a certain amount of percentage. This is very scary to know. It just shows that once you are online you lose all privacy.



When you post pictures online you definitely make it easier for someone to research and potentially stalk you. The more pictures you post the easier it is for people to recognize you and use that information against you. An example of this problem is that there are sites that can use your photos and information on Facebook to research you. The site,, professor Sprissler showed us was able to use our Facebook photos to identify us with a certain amount of percentage, which is very scary.

            The Google glass will definitely increase the amount of surveillance. This could be useful for society in many ways. The Google glass will be able to constantly record things and you never know what you might run into. Crimes now a days relay heavily on surveillance cameras and other technology like that. With constant surveillance from the Google glass it can possible cut down crime. Instead of getting eye witnesses the authorities can use the Google glass recordings and verify the eyewitnesses and use the recording as evidence to put criminals in jail. This can also create privacy issues for people. Not everyone is willing to let others record their actions without their consent. So that’s how it could create privacy issues for people. So there are pros and cons of the Google glass.


The World is Flat

            There are many benefits of globalization described by Thomas Friedman. One benefit is something called uploading. Companies and businesses can upload and work on a project together even if they are at different part of the world. This allows great flexibility to work on a project and doesn’t restrict people from working at different places. This allows freedom for the people to work in whatever location they desire. They do not have to go into the office to work with their colleagues. With uploading they can work on projects online. Some examples are Wikipedia and blogs. Also outsourcing allows companies to be the most efficient and productive a company can be. It is cost-effective and produces products more efficient.

            Some problems of globalization is that technology is constantly improving and become foreign to people who aren’t up to date with technology. A solution to this problem is to constantly update your work skills. Globalization has also led to a decrease in job fields like scientists, engineers, and mathematicians. Thomas Friedman thinks that children should be inspired to become scientists and engineers because of the decrease in these jobs in America.


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Online Security Breaches

Companies and organizations have an obligation to report security breaches and failures to the public and especially their consumers. These hackers could be potentially stealing thousands and thousands of credit card information and other vital information that could destroy a person’s life. If consumers and the public aren’t made aware of security failures it puts everyone in danger. If the public at least has the knowledge about what happened then the consumers can take actions to prevent them from be targeted by these hackers or take precautionary measures to keep their information safe. For example the whole Target security breach was a fiasco but at least they let the public know so the consumers can take precautionary measures such as maybe destroying and getting a new credit card if they used it at Target recently. If they are made aware of the situation they can maybe shop at a different store or at least know maybe to not use credit cards at Target and only use cash. Consumers have the full right to know if their information has been comprised and the company should take full responsibility by informing their customers what had happened.

            After reading this article and being made informed about how vulnerable our information is online have gave me doubts about shopping online. From now on I might start changing my online shopping habits. If the item can be purchased in a store I might rather go to the store and pick it up for a couple of dollars more than buying it online and saving a few dollars. Yes I would save a few dollars by buying the item online but I’m risking my vital information to save a few dollars, which would be stupid. If companies are trying to hide security breaches that could potentially endanger my livelihood than it gives me more of a reason to shop in person than it is to shop online and risking my information to be stolen and potentially used.

            The only way I would change my opinion about shopping online if companies become open and honest about security breaches. If they at least inform consumers about the situation it allows me to take some precautionary measures to prevent my information from being stolen such as getting rid of my old credit card and getting a new one. If companies begin to invest their money on cyber security for their online websites to make their consumers feel safer to buy products off their website would change my mind about buying products online instead of in the store.

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Conditionals and Control Flow: Python

Conditionals and Control Flow: Python


Illegal Downloading

            I believe it is a victim less crime because you really aren’t hurting anyone besides maybe music artists and other big companies. They are making millions as it is from their cd, touring the world, and doing concerts. Losing a couple of thousand here and there from people not buying their songs will not significantly impact their profit. Yes they will be losing out on some money but they are better off and significantly wealthier than the people listening to their music. So I believe that illegal downloading is a victimless crime and that one should not be punished for it. For example Microsoft sells their Microsoft office products for close to almost 200 dollars and us college students are poor as it is and it’s hard to be successful in college without the Microsoft office software. So many students illegally download Microsoft office instead of buying it because many students are on a tight budget and Microsoft is a billion dollar company should they won’t be affected that much if they lose a couple of thousand dollars.

            I believe that download is different from stealing. Now a days I believe that society deems digital stealing is not as bad stealing something tangible and something you can touch. It’s more socially acceptable to illegally download than steal a tangible thing. Many people don’t look at illegal downloading as stealing and that it does not harm to any one. When people think of the word stealing they think of someone taking a tangible item or something you can touch. No one thinks of illegal downloading as stealing because things you download are digital and you can’t necessarily touch what you are downloading. So I believe that stealing is different from illegal downloading.


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Sebastian Thrun

I believe that MOOC can for students who are motivated and willing to put in the effort. A lot of people now a day have a full time job and still try to manage to go to college. I believe that MOOC will really benefit those who truly want an education but have a full time job. MOOC gives them a flexible schedule to work with and allow them to get an education at the same time. I believe that MOOC will not work for students who are lazy and have no motivation to receive a quality education. They will end up slacking off and not pay attention to their online assignments and work.

When Thrun first started Udacity his main objective was to bring college courses to students in developing countries, or low performing students and aim towards a vocational education. He then changed his goals after seeing the poor results of San Jose State University students who used Udacity. A couple of months later he came to the conclusion that MOOC is not effective for undergraduate education. I agree with him because a lot undergraduate students don’t take their education seriously even when they are in the classroom forced to do work. If they are subjected to online classes those students are going to do even worse because no one will be in their face to force them to do work unlike going to class in person and having the professor tell you what to do. That’s why I believe that Thrun is right that MOOC won’t work for undergrad students who don’t take their education seriously.


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